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Flag of The Chinese Fifth Republic (PRC!USA) by Mattystereo Flag of The Chinese Fifth Republic (PRC!USA) :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 8 9 Flag of The Republic of Ashland (PRC!USA) by Mattystereo Flag of The Republic of Ashland (PRC!USA) :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 12 4 Flag of The United States of America (PRC!USA) by Mattystereo Flag of The United States of America (PRC!USA) :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 14 5 USA With Chinese Political Parties by Mattystereo USA With Chinese Political Parties :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 29 41 O' Songs Of Glynn And Chattahoochee by Mattystereo O' Songs Of Glynn And Chattahoochee :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 29 17 Mirror On The Marne by Mattystereo Mirror On The Marne :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 38 23 Gangeulism (2150) by Mattystereo Gangeulism (2150) :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 12 10 Terraformed Venus Basemap by Mattystereo Terraformed Venus Basemap :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 35 14 Inshallah Sid'Yrsum by Mattystereo Inshallah Sid'Yrsum :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 76 36 We're The Good Guys by Mattystereo We're The Good Guys :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 26 15 Flag of The Human Renewal League (2150) by Mattystereo Flag of The Human Renewal League (2150) :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 16 16 Make America Great Again by Mattystereo Make America Great Again :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 39 60 The Illuminated Ones by Mattystereo The Illuminated Ones :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 31 13
Technology 2150 Part 4: The Monopole Race
In many ways the idea of a  "strong force age" of technology is a misnomer, as all fundamental laws of the universe bleed into each other. Although on the day to day level, and the level of practicality and civilian life this means little, the implications that one discovery in a field might have on another are rarely ever lost on the scientific community. So too it was with mankind's first forays into manipulating quarks and the formation of hadrons that its implications on the existing technology of electromagnetism was noticed. Simple implications were realized at first, color superconducting liquids created by lowering the energy states of blue-green quark pairs could be used to create electronics with almost zero energy losses, increasingly strong materials could be made through inverting the beta functions of quark pairs to make them compact into sheets of almost neutronium dense material (which while insanely expensive for most made the construction of miles long habitats i
:iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 10 21
The World Of Nyrme: A Pre-Intro
Apocalypses are such old and tired things, they've happened over and again to the point of cliche. The Freezing Desert 150,000 years ago, The Toba Eruption 70,000 years ago, The death of the Sahara 16,000 years ago, The end of the Great Monsoon 9,000 years ago, The Bronze Age Collapse 7,000 years ago, The Anthrocide* 4,000 years ago, and the Great Nuclear War 3,000 years ago. All have come and gone and just as quickly fallen into obscurity in the minds of the descendants of those who survived. Perhaps a man born before the Anthrocide, during the zenith of human technology, might look on in amazement to find that they have been just as quickly banished from the minds of future man as the Hittites and Majiayao have been banished from ours, but this is of no consequence, because this is not their story nor the story of an apocalypse, of a mankind cowering under the shadows of the corpses of our empires.
That story ended thousands of years ago, mankind has moved on and once more thrives, t
:iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 11 23
Principia Metaphysicae by Mattystereo Principia Metaphysicae :iconmattystereo:Mattystereo 7 4


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Jacob Furtado
United States
Former assistant teacher of East Asian History and Absurdist Philosophy, Part-Time Terror Analyst, Full-Time Woodworker and Handyman, and now an US Navy Nuclear Engineer, hopefully eventually a full time analyst and cryptographer. So i'm simultaneously as off-kilter and pedantic as you feared.

Native Georgian currently trapped in South Carolina, eventually to be trapped on a sub, maybe one day trapped in the shackles of marriage. :p

Short term goals involve remembering to eat in the morning, long term goals involve reforming and widening the analytical scope of national intelligence agencies to cope with an increasingly anti-realist and anti-westphalian world. I basically want to do what is best for my nation and am very willing to become very intimate with our enemies and competitors to do so, even if I have to develop a respect for them along the way.

I also make maps and flags and graphs and info blurbs and stuff, i'm guessing you're here for those. In which case welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay.


Flag of The Chinese Fifth Republic (PRC!USA)
From the Summer Palace to the Gardens of Perfect Brightness, from the Hills of the Ten Li to the Shenshan Tower and the pristine hutongs that flow out from it, the flag of the Republic flies proudly and gaily as a symbol of refinement and culture over the land that considers itself the most civilized in the whole of Asia, if not the world. This reputation is not undeserved nor ill-respected, as the Republic, typified by its immaculate "museum city" of Beijing, its calm, drawling (and oft subtly sarcastic) Republican Beihua, and its global fashion and drinking culture, is considered by many (even the formerly antagonistic Americans and Atlantics) to be a perfect example of one of the world's high cultures.

The Republic however has greater aspirations than to simply be a place where foreign students go to study abroad and tour fancy parks, it has every intention to establish itself as a global power that can go toe-to-toe with the Big Two (or if needed, to be a part of an even greater power that can do so) and so has found itself as one of the most fanatical supporters of the Oriental Union, besides its Korean neighbor. Recently this ascension was called into question with the rise of nationalist, xenophobic, and isolationist sentiments within Republican Assembly, but the meteoric rise of the new President Ge, and his policy of increased engagement with the world and integration with the OU, has signaled to the Republic's OU partners and the World that China isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
Flag of The Republic of Ashland (PRC!USA)
"Although the Free American Confederation parades itself about as the true continuation of the American Government, and de jure claims all of the former continental USA, it is in reality a country very content within its borders and has become over the past 70 years a new nation in its own right. For some however this state of affairs is not acceptable, and in recent years calls for the declaration of the FAC as its own nation, separate from the legacy of the USA, have risen. These nationalists go so far as to drop the term "American" altogether, except in a metacultural sense, and refuse to recognize the title of the old USA or its flag.

Instead they propose the Republic of Ashland, a new name for a new nation, taken from the popular term "Ashlandi" already used to refer to the people of the FAC in international, and even local circles. With a new nation comes a new flag, the flag of The Republic of Ashland. Three rows of blue, white, and green, with four red stars in middle to represent the four states of the republic, the Ashlandi flag is a break from traditional American vexilology and has not been officially recognized by the FAC government. It is however popular amongst Nationalist Ashlandis and the Democratic Advancement Party, which has grown in recent years and currently leads a ruling coalition in the congress."

Flag of The United States of America (PRC!USA)
"Arise, America we are one!
We are the hearts of those at Valley Forge!
With our fire in our breast, and our hopes and dreams,
We will carve the people's destiny!
Arise, America we are one!
We are the fists of those at Gettysburg!
From the bare and clothed, the young and old,
The call of freedom will take hold!
Arise! March on! The war is almost won!
We face our greatest peril, but the people will march on!
O, the sun is set to rise!
O, the sun is set to rise!
And for the sake of freedom it will be won!"
USA With Chinese Political Parties

A little thing I whipped up more for fun than anything. A map of the United States with political parties matching the political parties of the PRC.


CPA - "Marxist-Lincolnist-Stevensist" party that both is a party and is the United States. The incestuous nature of the Party with the various central and autonomous organs of state, international corporations, and even NGOs and religious organizations is not very well understood even by those at the top of the Party. All American parties are some form of CPA and compose the wider "United Front" Government, with the lower parties largely representing different interpretations of the main purpose of the Party.

Revolutionary Union - Not to be confused with the Revolutionary Union of the Free American Confederation (SW USA and Hawaii) the Revolutionary Union is composed of those members of the Revolutionary Army that remained allied with the People's Army rather than fleeing to the FAC after the War of Liberation. They have far more of a social justice oriented bent than the Party Proper and have massive sway in the schools of the inner states and the Womens' Liberation Councils of the USA. They are violently pro-unification with the FAC, hopefully with the FAC placed under a military governor of their appointment.

Democratic Party - Their opinions are on the tin. The Democrats are pro-democratization of the state, or at least democratization of lower state structures. They are also the main drivers of the judicial reforms in the CPA, such as the unification of the national courts under a re-strengthened Supreme Court, and the strengthening of the various intelligence agencies for the purposes of hunting down corruption. Their members own many of the national and private television stations across the USA.

Democratic Future - Often seen as the most "roader", "white", or capitalist of the parties. Democratic Future are the main drivers of market reform, partnership with Latin America and Africa, and also the reintroduction of pre-revolutionary works and art into the public sphere. They are also the most militantly anti-European of the parties, and much of the scary soundbites played in Europe about "lighting aflame the cursed fasces of Europa" come from their members on late night television and livestreams. Also very pro-unification. Effectively run New York City as private fief of their party.

Public Good - Another democratic party, though focused more on bringing to life the CPA's promise of "democratic governance of industry". Has a slight anarcho-syndicalist bent that also stresses heavily cooperative ownership of schools, the reformation of higher education for the benefit of poorer citizens (such as Appalachians) and ethnic minorities (especially Amerindians). Are against foreign involvement in Latin America, thinking that American investment and peacekeepers could instead be used to expand fledgling universal healthcare programs and maternity leave benefits.

Agrarian Interest - Despite its name is largely a union of engineers, scientists, and teachers advocating for the fullspeed mechanization of America's agricultural sector and the continuing urbanization of the state. Very futurist in their outlook, so it is surprising to many to see their cooperation with Democratic Future regarding the reintroduction of earlier works, such as Emerson's "Self Reliance" and "Nature" or Ransom's Dialogues. At heart a party motivated by the idea that only an urbanized society can properly protect its natural beauty and advance towards True Communism and that allowing America to grow in the form of sprawling towns and endless suburbs will ultimately destroy the environment.

Works Interest - A "representative" party based around the goal of connecting the USA with the American Overseas Community and supporting the economic and cultural self-determination of Americans around the world. At the same time Works Interest is also the party most open to foreign influence, supports reconciliation with Europe, and are the main advocates of a "Unity With Brotherhood, Peace, And Justice" agreement with the FAC to allow them to operate as an autonomous state in a similar vein to Texas or California. Have significant sway in Greater Jersey City and frequently clash with Democratic Future in Congress.

July Fourth Movement - Composed of veterans and active military, July Fourth represents the interests of the American military and its military run states, such as Texas, also known as "American Prussia". They are violently neutral on foreign affairs, often arguing for international mediation of conflicts with the FAC and the "Amerkanski Mafia State" of Cuba-Haiti. Instead preferring to focus on matters of internal security and access to healthcare and employment for the military and their families. This however, has changed in recent years as the People's Revolutionary Navy has taken over the Movement from the Army and has pushed for massive military modernization and expansion, which includes increasing movements around the Caribbean. Has ties with the Bolivarian Union State of Colombia and July Fourth is known to have an incestuous relationship with the Bolivarian parties of Latin America.

Pacific League - Only really cares about ONE THING, crushing the FAC once and for and absorbing them back into the USA. Holds a high percentage of Amerindians from the FAC who were purged or in some other way ethnically cleansed by the FAC during its early period of military rule. Popular exclusively in those states near the FAC and really no where else.

Kingfish Popular Movement - Not a party per se, but a tight coalition of state governments operating under Huey Long's principles of economic redistribution, free healthcare, free education, and ultimately free housing and electricity (they hope). The Party ostensibly supports the Kingfishers and their youth group "The Cinnamon Spring Scouts", but President Westchester has been working non-stop to coopt them back into the Party Proper and make them fully subservient to Washington again.

Free Municipal Parties - Various local derivatives of the CPA found in the special municipal regions of the USA. Often dominated by the interpretation of the Special Governor of the region and so are also the testbeds of various experimental economic models, new technology and infrastructure, and media campaigns.

Other Parties - San Francisco and San Rafael both have their own various small local parties, in many cases descended from the cliques that existed in these cities before their reunification with the USA in the 1990s.

O' Songs Of Glynn And Chattahoochee

The above is an ISOT of my home state of Georgia to a virgin Earth, inspired by Dain-Siegfried's ISOT of his home state of Tasmania.

The basic overview is that Georgia's relatively large population and metropolitan areas led to utter bedlam following the ISOT, with many people raiding the countryside or fleeing out into the unknown lands of North America to try to make some sort of living as Georgia fell apart. Atlanta itself, holding roughly 1/9th of Georgia's population, unleashed a horrible demographic catastrophe which ended in a coup of what remained of the Georgian government and the establishment of a Provisional American Government by the National Guard and what military personnel could be found and organized. This provisional government would ultimately bring the center districts under control from the new capital in Athens, but then found itself unable to bring the South back under control, that region being swept up in a number of workers', neoafrikan, and religious revolutions. Atlanta would become a ghost town, ultimately stripped down over hundreds of years until nothing but a few museums, monuments, and parks remained. The diaspora out of Georgia proved to be a boon to the USA during its first 100 years in this new world, as struggling villages, hamlets, communes, and in a few cases horse nomads, were brought back into the fold under the new banner of the rattlesnake and bars.

Ultimately the USA found itself unable to expand as new nations began to truly assert themselves. Although agreements for associated statehood were hashed out at first, as time went on states that began to diverge politically from the USA (and in some cases saw no connection between their nation and the USA) pushed back, requiring the creation of another level of loose association, the Free Sovereign State, with the USA increasingly becoming the Austria to a new Holy Roman Empire, than a true union anymore. The USA even found itself coming into contact with isolationist cultures known as Benedictines, largely Christian religious clades that sought to form lone utopias and resisted any and all attempts at coercion with passionate violence. Many failed attempts at integrating the Benedictines spelled the beginning of the end of the 100 years era of largely unquestioned dominance, but the fact of the matter would not be accepted until the middle of the 2nd century.

Roughly 140 years after the ISOT, The Brothers' War between the USA and a cadre of generals in the West that attempted to secede and form their own empire (and failed) brought an end to the wholly American empire and led to the rise of new domineering polities. Among these are the Seventh Internationale, a collection of various socialist, theocratic communist, and afrikan "anticapitalist" states formed as the USA's main competitor. This was followed later on by a new power in the West, the Golden City, a powerful banking power that found itself in control of the flow of most of North America's copper, iron, tin, and almost all of its gold, silver, and salts. The USA, and even the Internationale eventually found their own currencies and export economies backed by the Golden City by the turn of the 3rd century.

As the 4th century dawns the USA finds itself grappling with the resurgence of the Southern Georgian Districts, namely in the form of Adadunii, a state descended from the Gullah and Geechee of Georgia, which has become a major colonial power across Africa and the Americas. At the same time a renaissance in global piracy and the continuing solidification of large states, such as the increasingly prominent Gurdsee Confederation to the north, presents an ever harder to ignore threat to American power. Still, things have come a long way since the great upturning three hundred years prior, and as men and women walk down the ceremonial sampietrini roads of Athens, under the shade of southern oaks and mulberry trees and endless red white and blue streamers, one thinks things certainly could have gone much worse.


Owing to Georgia's preISOT population the dominant religions of the modern world are Nuconnexialism, an evolved form of Baptism which has readopted some of the sacraments of the Old Church and has established a new set of supplementary texts from early American religious leaders, and Methodism, namely those branches descended from the African American Methodist Episcopal Church. Together they compose roughly 45% of the religious population of the world. Outside of them Catholicism, led by the descendants of Hispanic and Arab Catholics (and Northern Catholics that lived in Atlanta), has made a serious comeback alongside Mormonism which was quick to adopt the ISOT into its cosmology which already accepted the existence of virgin worlds being seeded by God. Two new religions, based upon fusions of southern folk legends and southern gothic memes of the Earth being alive, have also arisen as a form of worship or condemnation of whatever or whomever caused the ISOT, with Deep Kin and Mother Shatta being the more pessimistic and optimistic religions respectively. Islam saw a resurgence among second and third generation Arab-Georgians after the ISOT, but found itself transformed by the heavily evangelical and Baptist Georgian culture into Assabitism, a Unitarian fusion of Christianity and Islam not too dissimilar to Jehovah's Witnesses. There are a number of smaller religions sprinkled across the globe, many are forms of paganism heavily inspired by OTL folk culture and the folk culture that built up in the diaspora cultures over the past 300 years. Hindu memes and architecture have percolated into some minority religions, and are popular out West and in *Mexico.


The world is dominated largely by two descendants of Southern AAVE (African American Vernacular English), Ebevenish, which is descended from the AAVE speakers of the Atlanta diaspora, and Gejedga, which is descended from the AAVE families of Southeastern Georgia. In the shadow of the AAVE-ic lingua francas are four regional languages, Old Spanish, Old American, Carenish, and Silmonde. Carenish is a descendant of Southern dialects of Spanglish, and Silmonde is a descendant of Non-AAVE Georgian English. Outside of these languages there are a number of smaller languages, chief among them being Korean and Korean descended languages owing to uptime Georgia's relatively large, autonomous, culturally educated, and very vocal Korean-American community.


Although higher manufacturing capacity was lost with the ISOT a lot of basic and advanced mechanical, chemical, and fluid flow principles were not lost on the Georgian people. The fourth century as a result is an eclectic mixture of many technologies, with relatively advanced chemical and medical technology available. The use of natural gases and oil to certain degrees, especially in powering of trains and ships, the synthesizing of medicine, and the heating of homes and food is the norm. Also, the use of principles of modular construction for the building of homes, road laying, farming equipment, and revolving rifles is the norm in both America and the Internationale. Chemical theory has also allowed for advancements such as Hwacha with gas and burning oil loads in their rockets, which is very popular among the Appalachian peoples. Simple passive crystal radio and semaphore stations dot the land of more developed nations, which when combined with (admittedly light) rail infrastructure allows for logistical oversight and thus international and domestic trade (and standard of living as a result) that is surprisingly high.

An interesting quirk resulting from the use of strong force manipulation to alter the orbital paths of electrons occurred to me. Fully octetal elements (elements with completely filled valence shells which as a result are loath to react to other elements) could now be bonded covalently. This has a very big boon that occurs to me, it allows the octetal gases of Xenon, Neon, and Argon to be bonded in covalent psuedo-crystals that take on a similar structure to the ionic bonds of Sodium and Chlorine in salt.

The result of this is a metamaterial I'm calling a XNA Pseudocrystal for now, and it has a number of interesting properties, the first being that in a concealed environment it acts as a perfect electrical insulator, the second is that because of its structure it can dissipate heat and light and current fractally across its surface and alter (by a phase degree based upon the shape of the "crystal") the wavelength of applied light and voltage, basically allowing a component the size of a diode to do all the work that circuit rectifiers and filters do. A XNA counter diode if you will would essentially be like the next transistor in terms of how it would aid in cutting down the size of electronics and streamlining their processes.

The third property/use that I think might be interesting for those who might not exactly care about electronics, is that a sheet of XNA material could be used to counter laser weapons in a similar manner to how energy shields work in science fiction, only it'd be a layer that would likely be embedded between ceramic and metal plates on the outside of a spacecraft. A laser that would hit a spacecraft would first be mediated by the ceramic and then be harmlessly dispersed across the length of the spacecraft with its heat and refracted light vented out of the back through specialized radiators.

Of course it wouldn't be perfect, and a powerful enough laser would simply melt the ceramic and XNA, but it would provide a countermeasure to a good number of lasers and could make diversifying weapons packages in space between lasers, missiles, rail guns, and masers actually practical in a strategic sense rather than just a thing to write for rule of cool.

XNA Pseudocrystals would also take on a slight strawberry cream appearance on Earth, so they'd look kinda pretty.

As one can guess, this will most certainly appear in Earth 2150, though the widespread use of such a material and the long term consequences of strong force technology are still a ways off. I bring it up because some other people with interest in scifi might find it interesting and might want to use it for something. Aside from that, I'm working on my first oneshot in a while and it is coming along pretty well, I'll post a WIP shot of it below, I hope y'all enjoy, meanwhile i've got my Navy Watch to do real soon again. Fun times.

Link to WIP:


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Question: What's the fate of Pure Land Buddhism in the world of Earth 2150? It's actually surprising to me that Zen Buddhism, with its difficult and strict practices, and Tibetan Buddhism, with its arcane and strange rituals and pantheons, have become so relatively popular in Europe and America. Meanwhile, huge Pure Land sects like Shin Buddhism are almost unknown among Westerners, despite the relative simplicity of their soteriology, which even appears pretty similar to Protestant Christianity. Has this changed in 2150, or are Pure Land followers still limited to East Asia?
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What are your [public] thoughts on the overarching controversy of Russia influencing the election? I wonder if it's revenge for Yeltsin...
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What kind of new alphabets and scripts are made in your future TL?
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